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Abundant Hope, Inc. has a system in which student participants of our programs earn points for their accomplishments.  Items in the AHI Store may be purchased using these points only. Participants also have the option to have their points stored in the AHI point bank. Points may also be exchanged for cash.  The cash value of your points will be displayed along with your point count.  (NOTE) Points may only be redeemed for cash in increments of 50.  (50 points = $1) (500 points =$10.00). 

To program participants: To buy items from the AHI Store, you must enter the item name and the quantity in the contact form provided on the 'Contact' page. If you do not have enough to purchase an item, you will be notified within 24 hours.   Balances will be updated accordingly.  Items will be disbursed at next meeting or mailed/delivered to you if circumstances keep you from attending.  Thanks ~Laurie  


Participant's Name              

Points Total       

Example                                                           500                                          10.00

Example                                                           250                                             5.00

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