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Thank you for your desire to help our organization by giving.  The majority of HIA INC's budget is raised through in-kind donations from caring individuals like you.  Rest assure that all donations are used for program development, training, and operation of all our programs.  If you are unable to submit a cash donation, please view our 'WISH LIST' to find out other items needed that you may be able to give.


Although we are in the process of applying for federal grants which we hope are successful, this organization was not started by a mixture of federal grants and state budget allowances. We have been basically funding our programs out-of-pocket; however, because of the overwhelming positive impact of our programs and our desire to never turn away an interested child or person in need, we depend on personal and corporate contributions to survive.  We will proudly accept whatever your heart may desire to give.  We gladly accept dry foods, canned goods, clothing, furniture, shoes, or anything that can be used by a person in need.  Every donation that comes in means that another child or individual participating in our important programs are closer to receiving the help and mentor-ship that they need in order to live their lives more abundantly.  Please visit our website wish list to find out more about our immediate needs.


You can help make the difference in the life of a child or individual in need with a donation of whatsoever your heart desires to give. We are hoping to add more than 200 children to our programs this year (2016-2017) and wish to help at least 50 or more adults/families in need of food, clothes, shelter, furniture, and more. Sure, we would like to do these things, but our funding must be in place to go forward. Each donation will change the life of a child and/or person or family in need for the better, so act now and contribute what you can to those in need. 



Thanks, and God Bless you from My Abundant Hopes, Inc.


One of our Favorite Quotes:"No one has ever become poor by giving."      Anne Frank



Office/meeting space/facility usage

Transportation (van, bus, SUV)

Office supplies & Equipment

Paper goods


Gift Certificates

Opportunities (tickets, tours)

Prizes & give-aways

Tables & desks

Printing Services

Professional Services

Promotional items


Food, snacks, beverages

Program volunteers

Advertising services

Mentor services

Classroom items

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