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Please find our programs below.  You may click on program names to view/print applications if interested.  Note: We may be adding or deleting some programs in the future. 

Teens Empowered

Program designed to empower and educate young male and female teens and underprivileged young boys and girls to prepare them for a lifetime of healthy living, self respect, and a positive future by providing healthy living workshops, job training, mentorship programs, educational field trips, and more.  They will also have the opportunity to earn incentives through our point program for their accomplishments and volunteerism.  With the point program, student members will have the opportunity to earn points for their accomplishments in school and in AHI programs.  Points will be recorded on a point card, which is turned in on a monthly basis.  Earned points may be used to purchase items from the AHI online shop, in the proposed AHI Recreational & Family Center, exchanged for cash, or placed in the AHI token bank which will have individual savings accounts for each member.  Members of our programs will be divided into three age groups.  Age groups for programs are 10-12, 13-15, and 16-18.     


Operation Teen; Real Talk is a Program within Teens Empowered designed to inspire teens to confide in each other and talk out things that are going on in their lives.  Individuals must be carefully selected to participate in this program, as very delicate information will be shared amongst participants.  Special meetings will be held for these teens to meet and greet with each other.  Key points of discussion are: Teen Pregnancy, Rape, Child Molestation, Peer Pressure, Sex, Mental-Physical-and Psychological abuse, and any other issues that may arise in our teens today.  Conversations held within these meetings are not to be discussed outside of the meeting time and area.  All information obtained is confidential.

Arts & Ettiquette Summer Program is a Summer program designed to provide the essential vitamins of life through the arts.  Students will demonstrate their passions through actual art teachings.  The summer program will also provide tutoring and academic assistance.  Students will participate in field trips, fund raisers, art programs, talent approaches and many other activities that will allow them to become more responsible and more efficient.

Lend a Helping Hand/Giving Back  is a program within Teens Empowered designed to teach young children and teens the importance of volunteerism.  Groups of teens will go out and give time and service to the community by cleaning up parks, cleaning yards of elderly, helping to keep school grounds clean, donating things of their own such as clothing-toys-and shoes to others in need, participating in fundraisers and more. 

Operation Future: College & Career Readiness Is a program designed to help prepare highschool juniors and seniors for college and careers.  We will find out what the individuals want to do with their lives, help them decide which career paths to take and guide them when looking for the perfect college.  Staff will assist in filling out college applications, take students on college road trips to visit various colleges, assist students in filling out financial aid applications and introduce other funding types.  It is our plan to help these individuals plan their college and careers from beginning to end to ensure that they are on the right path to successful futures.

My Abundant Hopes Living Assistance

Program broken into four parts designed to help homeless individuals and families, elderly, battered women and children, and those seeking out to be first time homebuyers.


(Part 1) – From The Street to A Home, which empowers lives of the homeless to recover and live abundantly.  This program will identify the most vulnerable of the homeless, prioritizing situations by individual’s needs v/s family’s needs.  Housing needs and options are negotiated, applications and qualification forms are completed, and individuals are placed in their new homes upon approval. This program is designed to welcome homeless individuals and families into the program and help them to get back on their feet by providing all or most of the following:

 Ø  Job search workshops

 Ø  Transitional and/or Permanent housing

 Ø  Clothing and food

 Ø  Referrals to AA for alcoholics and rehab for drug addicts for rehabilitation

 Ø  Counseling and monitoring to ensure progress is being made

 Ø  Assistance in obtaining proper Id, drivers license, and social security cards if needed

 Ø  Volunteerism encouragement

 Ø  Temporary Employment (in some cases)


(Part 2) – Safe At Home, which helps by providing low income or no income housing to shelter battered women and children.  This organization will offer life changing programs that will help the participants overcome their hardship and abuse such as:

 Ø  Transitional or permanent housing

 Ø  Counseling that will help to heal the battered women and children mentally, physically, and emotionally

 Ø  Workshops that will work to enlighten lives and help individuals to depart from the shame that is created by issues of violence and abuse and encourage them to take action if and when they encounter abuse. 

Ø  Self defense workshops

Ø  Mentor participants in order that it increases their trust and make them feel safe while they are residing in our facilities. 

Ø  Security Guard will be on premises 24 hours daily


(Part 3) – Senior Citizen Living, which provides low income housing for senior citizens who live on a low budget.  Program provides all of the following:

 Ø   Sitter/Companion

 Ø  House Keeper

 Ø  Cook  


(Part 4) – Abundant Living, Which provides low income housing for families with low or no income and who are facing adversity.  Also provides assistance for those who are transitioning from our low income housing program into purchasing a home of their own.  The following programs are offered in this section:

 Ø  Assisting participants in financing affordable, program-enriched housing in our community. 

 Ø  Workshops that teach the importance of responsibilities of owning a home

Ø  Organization will serve a vast number of individuals and families with housing projects for low-income families, seniors, and people with special needs.

 Ø  We will assist in finding and helping renovate housing through our volunteer program

 Ø  We will work with low income housing organizations, such as HUD to assist participants in affordable, suitable housing.


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